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On the last day of the year, this is the moment and the time to reflect the thankfulness and feeling blessed for all that we had in this year in our life.

For the people around us, for the times when we were broken and when we hit rock bottom and still had the hope in us to rise up and walk through all phases stronger.

We had the privilege to live life each second, being grateful for the health, for the food on the table, roof over our head and friends and family to share our joy and sorrow.

We have been lived through 365 days which is definitely a big deal to travel through and each second during different phases of life and rising up stronger .Definitely this is the day to a take a moment to be thankful and realize and grow to be more kind, to spread love and instill peace and joy in every person we meet and to feel blessed and be a blessing to other people in our life and not take life for granted and as the life what we live is some ones dream somewhere.

Let there be peace, Love ,Kind and the humanity be there in everyone and so we spread love ,peace and kind to everyone accross globe. I really feel thankful for this 365 days, no matter how much I was broken, I was feeling stressed ,I was feeling nothing at all at time. But this moment all I have is heart full of gratitude and feeling blessed. I believe every one feels the same

Let the light of hope and stint of strength that was shining throughout this year 2021 ,continuing be shining to travel in the coming days.

Signing off in the last day of 2021 with gratefulness and hope!!!




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